The Austrian Solution: Austria Issues 100 Year Sovereign Bond (100 Years at 2%?)

Sadly, Congress has absolutely no controls on the willingness to spend money and promise entitlements to borrowers. Spending is a runaway trend in Washington DC.


Much of this spending is entitlement spending, such as Medicaid and Medicare.


The explosion of Federal spending and entitlements will eventually recover an Austrian solution: 100 year debt. Until recently, Austria already led nations with the longest sovereign debt maturity of 70 years. Most other countries are at 50, 40 and 30 year maturities.


The deal — which was priced at a yield of 2.112 per cent — is the eurozone’s first syndicated century bond. Belgium and Ireland each raised €100m in century bonds last year but those deals were private placements rather than open market offerings. Their issuance is part of a wider trend: governments around the world sold a record $63.5bn of debt with ultra-long maturities in 2016, according to figures from data provider Dealogic.

Does America issue 100 year Treasury bonds? No, how about 120 year bonds?